Here Is Why You Could Be Having A Panic Attack

Today, there are many theoretical explanations on what exactly causes panic attacks. Only those who have had a panic attack before can tell you how the experience was. Panic attacks have symptoms that last for a short period before one comes back to his or her normal state. People who are affected by panic attacks, in most cases, remain frightened and anxious of any future occurrences. It is useful to look for some tips to reduce anxiety.

Here are possible reasons why you have panic attacks.

Inheriting from your parents

The chances of having panic attacks are very high if either of your parents had suffered from the same. Probably you are getting surprised about this, but it's worth your consideration in case you are experiencing panic attacks. It is also not uncommon to find twins suffering from panic attacks. Talking or consulting with your parents on the issue can help you get to the root of the matter. There is a possibility of the panic attacks being genetically inherited. Making assumptions will only worsen and result in a panic disorder

A Medical condition or Disorders

A person may suffer from a physical condition that could lead to depression and increased anxiety levels. Chances of such a person having a panic attack are high. Medical conditions such as deficiency in vitamin B can also result in panic attacks. It is important to seek the help of your doctor will exam your situation and advise you accordingly. Several other medical conditions and disorders are likely to lead to panic attacks as one of the side effects.


Caffeine and nicotine are drugs that any panic attack patient should avoid by all means. There are other drugs that people use for various emotional conditions such as alcohol and marijuana. These drugs instead will leave you vulnerable to panic attacks. A medical professional can guide you to the right drugs and the right dosage you are supposed to use.

Previous Attacks

People who have suffered from a panic attack in the past are likely to experience the same in the future if they do not confront the situation. You need to identify the situation or event that causes the panic attack and face it without any fear. This is the only way to stop these attacks from reoccurring.

Life Experiences

Stress and depression may cause panic attacks. these may be as a result of individual experiences one might have gone through. Experiences such as suddenly losing a close friend or family member are likely to cause fear and anxiety. Such responses result in panic attacks whenever the affected person gets to a similar situation.